The following are a series of questions that we have been asked, or anticipate our clients would want to know the answers to.  Please feel free to email any questions you have and, as well as answering them, we may add them to this section.

I am at work for long hours, can you manage the project for me?

This is what we do for many of our clients.  We usually have a key and therefore we let ourselves in/out for the work we carry out, as well as meeting and supervising trades.  We are responsible for security and all our trades people have worked for us for years. However, if we have to use a trade we haven't before (recently we had to arrange a piano to be moved) we meet them on site and supervise the operation.  We make all the arrangements, you don't have to worry.  Please link to Design Services.

How long does it take?

Sorry that is an impossible question.  Some companies will tell you what you want to hear just to get your order, then the excuses start.  When you tell us what you want we can give you an honest idea of timescales (eg. curtains and soft furnishings are usually 6-8 weeks) but don't forget to build in your decision making time.  The actual work on a bathroom installation is in the region of 2 weeks, a kitchen probably 3.  But each project is different.  Sadly, the ripping out part sometimes reveals problems that could not reasonably be anticipated.  We deal with the problem but it may affect the timescale.

How do you make your money?

As we have been established since 1995, we have several Trade Accounts where suppliers give us a discount on their RRP.  This is usually enough to allow us to make a profit.  Our Trade Services also give us a slighty better rate due to the volume and regularity of the work we give them.  Where we are unable to get a trade discount, we will add an appropriate commission.

Don't you just charge more than if I employ the trades myself?

Definitely not.  One client referred to the way we manage our trades as "add on value".  We have to add a percentage but we earn it by organising and supervising to ensure that you do not have to worry.  You can employ the trades yourself, but then you have to be there and you have to deal with any ensuing problems and slipping timescales and the knock on effects.

Can I purchase the products myself from the Internet and then employ you to fit them?

No.  As explained, we make our money from the supply of goods via trade discounts.  The additional problem is that when you buy from the internet there is often a "piece" missing.  Whereas we can call our trade suppliers and sort it, resolving the problem with an internet purchase is a lot harder.

Can I just buy fabric & wallpaper from you?

Yes, that's absolutely fine.  We have other products such as tracks and poles and, likewise, we are happy to supply only.

Can you just offer advice?

We would only provide this service in exceptional circumstances.  The overheads of a retail interior design business (with a showroom and sample books etc) cannot be met by supplying advice only.  We would have to make a significant charge to carry out such a service.

What area do you cover?

We are blessed to have the majority of our work within a 10 mile radius of Hartley Wintney.  As we do not advertise outside of that area, the only work we do further afield is by referral or existing clients moving to new areas.  We have worked In Central London (many times), Putney, Wimbledon, Hedgerley, Brighton, Bournemouth and Cirencester so distance is not an issue.  There are issues with measuring so, unless we can make from your measurements, we have to make a chargeable trip to measure.  Wherever you are, including London, we charge the same as we would locally and only charge for the extra time and travel costs (including congestion charge & parking).  Recent enquiries from Wimbledon and Richmond indicate that we are significantly cheaper than designers based locally to the clients.  One of our clients passes 2 interior design shops within 5 miles of her home to drive 40 miles to us!

Can you really do "everything"?

Probably.  The advantage of having been in the business since 1995 is that we have built up many contacts and met many different suppliers along the way.  We keep abreast of the latest trends and ideas, often via Trade Shows.  We have a network of trades too. So, when someone says, "Do you know someone who could ...." the answer is usually, "Yes!"

Where does the name "Pygmalion" come from?

George Bernard Shaw wrote the book of the name from whence came the musical film, "My Fair Lady".  Our understanding is that it comes from the Greek for "transformation".  However, a learned client is of the view that it dates back to when a Greek sculptor fell in love with what he had sculpted - but that wouldn't make much sense of what we do, unless we (and you) fall in love with your new home!