Bespoke sofa made to client's specific requirements  Bespoke bathroom, made-to-measure accent mural - unique!  Bespoke blind & pelmet, plus fabric pin board  Cut away pinch pleat curtain heading

These are all our own work and our own photographs, bar "Park House" photographs, by permission of Citigate Homes Ltd, photographs taken by Ed Kingsford We are gradually going through the numerous photographs we have taken, and re-visiting some projects where we didn't record our work, so this section is currently a "work in progress". However, everytime we get Kym to the point of doing this, another design project comes up .... one day! We have a couple of very big projects starting in the New Year so our intention is to do before, in progress and after! If there is anything you would particular like to see a photograph of, let us know.

If you click on the links below you can see our work grouped into rooms/sections.  You can click on any image to see a larger view. You can also request a copy of the original photo to appreciate the full affect. You'll find most websites use stock photos of fabric suppliers' staged rooms - we only use our own work.