Silent Gliss Metropole, 30mm, 6130. A sleek, contemporary pole Silent Gliss Metropole is available in a number of size options and finishes. This version is hand drawn, the corded version will be added but just email requirements in the meantime. Silent Gliss Metropole works like a track with the gliders being set into the underside of the pole. This part of the site is being developed with the aim of making it the quickest, easiest on-line purchase of Silent Gliss products. Should you have bespoke requirements, please email us.

Link here for Silent Gliss Metropole 23mm

Poles are available in increments of 25cm (about 10") so order the next size up eg. 257cm pole needs to be ordered as 275cm but you can specify exact pole length required at Checkout.

Poles come with standard endcaps but you can add a variety of finials and midials and holdbacks.

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