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Sliding Wardrobe Doors We have worked with Commonfield for some years but found the limitation on colour, size  and design a problem. We have now sourced an even better door working with Toffs Sliding Doors. Less restriction on both height and width but, even more importantly, a much greater will to meet design requirements too. A "how can" attitude, rather than a "why not", Design Unlimited. You can find out more by linking to our specialist website www.wardrobeslidingdoors.co.uk

Add to that a complete range of glass and interiors colours or a completely bespoke service in raw MDF for painting or genuine wood finishes such as oak.

The big advertisers offer you a "bespoke" service and massive discounts. It turns out that the bespoke is limited to standard size units and then they box in awkward corners or angles which are rendered dead space. After quoting you an outrageous price, they will offer you up to 80% discount if you sign there and then. We had a client who was quoted £20,000, reduced to £6000 inside 25 minutes. He told them where to go. Our joiner did a fully bespoke job to their exact requirements for £5600.

You can link to our Portfolio for some photos of the available doors/designs or examples of our bespoke work.

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For further information, link to www.wardrobeslidingdoors.co.uk or email sales@pygmalioninteriors.co.uk