We offer a Design Consultancy in the comfort of your own home. This is considered by many as the ideal way to plan for a project. Someone with an expert eye to help you avoid costly errors. You might think that putting in an £80,000 kitchen will add £80,000 to the value of your house - chances are you would be wrong. You wouldn't be the first person we have rescued from taking down a supporting wall, even though the builder advised it was "OK". One client, referred by their parents, used us to go on the third viewing of their prospective new home - could they make the changes they needed to for it to be a worthwhile investment? We were able to advise them, accurately and honestly, as we do regardless of our own potential financial gain. Kym talked them through what they could and couldn't do, as well as providing realistic costings of the project. All ended well, we blitzed the property in 4 weeks, they moved in, and everyone lived happily ever after. Money well spent, and refunded against the order.

Line drawing kitchen designRoom design using ARCHLine.XP created by Zsuzsanna PalRendered kitchen design

The above design (top right) is using ARCHLine.XP which gives you a very realistic idea of how your room can look. Kym can even paste your actual fabric and wallpaper. We have just started using this software so the sample is a design created by Zsuzsanna Pal. Top left is a line drawing for a kitchen design and the last one is a rendered drawing, both created using our previous software. As we work through current/planned projects we will post some of our new ArchLine.XP designs. These drawings, where appropriate, are part of the consultancy process.

So, how does it work? Kym will visit you in the comfort of your own home, at a time convenient to you, to discuss your requirements and to give you the benefit of her experience and expertise. On the basis of the discussion she will create a design, a discussion document or get together some fabric options depending on your requirements. We can and do prepare ideas for an individual project using Pinterest, who needs a mood board?! You can then have a second appointment (at your home or in the showroom as appropriate, but again at a time convenient to you) to go through and make final choices or decisions, or look at alternatives. At any point as required we can provide you with the costings.

We access the cost on an individual basis, starting at £40 for a single room. Alternatively, we have started doing a "once over" of the house for £180 which we hope is useful if you have a large part or the whole house to work through. As a general rule, these costs apply within a 10 mile radius of Hartley Wintney. We are happy to travel further afield but make an appropriate non-refundable charge to cover additional time/travel costs. As an example, we charged an additional £100 to go to Wimbledon to look at 2 rooms. Remember, the cost is refundable against an order of over £500 per room.

Design booking

Design booking