Bathroom design

Bathroom interior designers - We don't do bathroom interior design every day of the week. This type of project is all embracing and time consuming and there's other work we enjoy doing. However, we are very good at them and are happy to do half a dozen or so a year although these are generally for existing clients. We tend to get the complex ones that bathroom companies indicate they can't do or when they put in a ridiculous quote which our client mentions to us. Our first advantage is Kym's designing skills balancing practical, usuable design with aesthetics. We have access to all makes and types of bathroom items, along with an increasing array of "essential" extras and gadgets. We then complete the job "in house" with the plumber, electrician, the plasterer, the tiler, the painter and Doug to wreck and re-build, and fit blinds and tracks or poles. It's all under our control and responsibility. You can go to work and forget about it. On the occasions when there is, dare we say, a leak (which inevitably happens outside of working hours) we are still on the end of a mobile or email and it gets sorted immediately!

Kitchens We don't do kitchens every day of the week either. Much of the above applies. We combine Kym's designing skills with access to some much more reasonably priced kitchen units and of course we can arrange all the appliances too. And we have an experienced kitchen fitter. You can link to or to get some ideas, but everything is bespoke so we can make anything you want!

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